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  • Elevate Your Home Protection with Security Cameras

    Security cameras have emerged as a game-changer in the realm of protection and surveillance. By harnessing the latest technological advancements, these wired and wireless devices are revolutionizing the way we safeguard our homes and businesses. Leading brands, such as eufy, are at the forefront of this innovation, offering a range of state-of-the-art home security systems with cameras that provide unmatched peace of mind.

    With up to 4K crystal-clear resolution and advanced optics, eufy indoor and outdoor security cameras deliver exceptional image quality, allowing for precise monitoring and identification indoors and outdoors. Equipped with infrared night vision technology, our home security cameras ensure round-the-clock surveillance, even in complete darkness. In addition, smart motion detection and AI human or face detection systems can accurately distinguish between human movement and false triggers with cutting-edge algorithms, while two-way audio enables real-time communication with visitors or intruders, reinforcing safety measures. Enjoy our IP67 weather-resistant home surveillance cameras today to elevate your security measures to new heights and gain the peace of mind you deserve.

  • FAQs

    How do I choose a good security camera?

    Please consider several key factors to select a good security camera system:
    1. Purpose and Placement: Determine the specific purpose and identify the interior or exterior areas that require surveillance to choose the appropriate camera type and features.
    2. Resolution and Image Quality: Opt for a house camera system with a 1080p or higher resolution and good image quality to ensure clear and detailed footage.
    3. Connectivity and Storage Options: Decide whether you want wired or wireless security cameras, and choose between only local storage cameras or those that also support Cloud Backup solutions.
    4. Night Vision Capabilities: If you require surveillance during nighttime or in low-light conditions, prioritize video security cameras with great night vision capabilities for clear visibility in the dark.
    5. Motion Detection: Motion detection allows your security cameras for homes to efficiently use storage and alert you to potential threats or suspicious activity.
    6. Weather Resistance: For outdoor security cameras, ensure they are designed to withstand various weather conditions to ensure durability.
    7. Mobile App and Remote Monitoring: Choose a smart security camera system for homes coming with a mobile app if you need remote monitoring and easy management from your smartphone or tablet.

    How long do security cameras keep footage?

    Most House security cameras typically keep footage for 30 days to 90 days, although the exact duration can vary depending on the specific case like your local storage capacity or if any Cloud Backup is supported.

    For example, eufy cameras - S330 eufyCam security camera allows 3 months of storage time, but when your recordings reach its built-in 16GB EMMC space, your old footage is automatically replaced by new recordings. And if you make any monthly or yearly subscription, the footage may last longer in your cameras for home security.

    Where to place security cameras?

    Some key areas to place cameras are:
    1. Front and back entrances
    2. Perimeter of the Property
    3. Yard and Garden Areas
    4. High-value or particularly vulnerable Areas within your property.
    5. Common areas such as lobbies, hallways, or staircases.
    6. Blind Spots or areas with limited visibility.
    7. Parking Lots and Driveways.
    8. Critical Infrastructure.
    9. Off-Limit Zones.

    how much do security cameras cost?

    The cost of security cameras for homes varies based on factors like camera type, image quality, features, and installation requirements. Prices can range from around $50 for basic models to several hundred or even more than $2,000 for high-end cameras with advanced features. Check the wide range of eufy security cameras for sale, from affordable ones to high-end models to match your different needs.