Bluetooth Door Lock

eufy Security's Edge Ecosystem operates locally at every possible stage, ensuring your data is yours alone and eliminating monthly fees.
  • Enjoy Seamless Access Control With eufy Bluetooth Door Locks

    The Bluetooth door lock is a cutting-edge security solution that revolutionizes access control. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, this smart lock allows seamless, keyless entry to your home or office, ensuring convenience and safety for modern living.
    eufy can bolster your home security with an array of advanced Bluetooth house locks. Our Bluetooth gate locks offer up to 6 ways of entry (physical key, WiFi app, password, fingerprint, voice assistant, Bluetooth), allowing you to get in the house in seconds. Moreover, equipped with wifi connectivity too, our keyless Bluetooth door locks make possible a wider range of features than regular Bluetooth locks, including remote control via the eufy app and so on. But eufy’s superiority is manifest in other aspects too. Designed with bank-grade security levels, our Bluetooth front door locks store your in-app data locally rather than on the cloud, and our AES128 encryption chip further strengthens data security and privacy. In addition, our Bluetooth locks for doors are IP65 rated, meaning they will be protected from rain or shine. In short, eufy Bluetooth locks herald a new age of home security protection. So check out now and stay protected and peaceful in the comfort of your home with eufy Bluetooth smart locks standing guard for you!

  • FAQ

    How do Bluetooth door locks work?

    Smart door locks Bluetooth work by integrating Bluetooth technology into traditional lock systems. These smart locks communicate with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices via built-in Bluetooth modules. When a visitor approach the door, the lock's Bluetooth module detects the visitor’s device and establishes a secure connection, thus granting or denying access.

    Do Bluetooth smart locks need Wi-Fi?

    Bluetooth smart locks do not necessarily need Wi-Fi to function. In fact, Bluetooth technology alone allows direct communication between the smart lock and a paired Bluetooth-enabled device and is enough to make a decision to grant to deny access. However, some Bluetooth smart locks like eufy Smart Lock C110 may offer optional features that utilize wifi connectivity like wifi locking and unlocking, expanding your enjoyment of the smart locks' Bluetooth and wifi features together.

    What is the difference between a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart lock?

    The main difference between a Bluetooth smart lock and a Wi-Fi smart lock lies in how they communicate and their associated functionalities:
    Communication: Bluetooth smart locks rely on Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with a paired device within a limited range. Wifi smart locks, on the other hand, connect to your home or office Wi-Fi network, allowing it to communicate with the internet and various devices remotely.
    Features: Bluetooth deadbolt locks usually provide basic functionalities like keyless entry through Bluetooth pairing and may offer guest access codes, while wifi smart locks often come with advanced features such as real-time notifications, activity logs, integration with smart home systems, voice assistant compatibility and so on.

    How hard is it to hack a Bluetooth door lock?

    Hacking a Bluetooth door lock's security depends on factors like encryption strength, manufacturer reputation, user behavior, and vulnerabilities. Generally, hacking a Bluetooth door lock is a complex task. While the information on hacking such locks can be found online, successfully breaching a well-installed lock with the latest firmware is highly challenging, especially for big reputable brands like eufy. Strong security measures, like robust encryption and regular updates, significantly raise the difficulty level of any hacking attempts.