eufy Baby 2K Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


eufy Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, Security Camera, 2K Resolution with Pan & Tilt, AI Cry Detection Night Vision, Sound and Room Temperature Detection, Baby Camera Monitor, Requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

  • It's in the 2K Details:
    The 2K high-resolution camera with 330° pan, 110° tilt, and 4x zoom features lets you watch over your baby in stunning detail.
  • Night Vision:
    The non-invasive infrared night vision lets you check on your baby at night without getting out of bed.
  • Sound and Room Temperature Detection:
    Baby Monitor 2 will continuously read the noise levels and temperature of the room, alerting you to drastic changes, such as excessive noise.
  • Privacy First:
    Wi-Fi is optional, safety is not. To protect you and your baby's privacy, all your data will be stored locally, but accessible anytime and anywhere with an AES 128-bit encryption.
  • Check on Your Baby Anytime, Anywhere:
    Use the eufy Baby app to check on your baby, talk to them in real-time, and more, whenever you want.
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Video Quality
Video Storage
Smart Integration
What's in the box


What's the difference between this camera and the Spaceview Baby Monitor?
Is the material of this camera safe for my baby?
What app do I use with this camera?
Does the camera need to be plugged in all the time?
Why is the LED Indicator so dim?
Does it support cloud / RTSP / NAS?
Does it support HomeKit, the Google Assistant, or Alexa?
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