eufy Baby Add-On Camera for Baby Monitor


Add-on Camera for Baby Monitor, Baby Monitor Camera, eufy Baby Video Baby Monitor, 720p HD Resolution, Ideal for New Mums, Easy to Pair, Night Vision

  • Easy to Pair
    Add additional cameras in just two clicks.
  • Complete Monitoring System
    Connect up to 4 camera devices at once.
  • Multi-Camera Monitoring
    When two or more cameras are connected, SpaceView automatically cycles between the view of each unit, for complete coverage of your baby’s environment.
  • Whole-Room Coverage
    Pan the lens 330° to see corner-to-corner, and tilt 110° to see floor-to-ceiling.
  • Heightened Night Vision
    When the lights are out, night vision technology provides clear video so you can rest easy.

Note: This add-on camera requires the eufy Baby Monitor E110 or E210 screen to function (Sold separately)

  • White

Baby Monitor E110 
The Pioneering In-Home Baby Monitor with 5-inch LCD Display.

See The Bigger Picture 
Packed with 10 times more detail than standard 240p baby monitors, SpaceView's large 5 inches HD resolution display shows a bright, crisp and clear picture. When the lights are out, night vision technology provides clear video so you can rest easy.

See Close, See Wide 
Change the focus of your SpaceView camera—from a close up of your baby to an expansive view of the nursery—in an instant by attaching the included wide-angle lens.

Set and Forget 
SpaceView pans 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilts 110° to see from floor to ceiling, giving you a good angle of your baby wherever you place the camera. Instant Noise Alerts You'll receive an alert on the monitor immediately if the ambient noise exceeds the limit you set.
Always By Your Baby's Side 
Built with two-way audio and a full 460 ft of coverage range, you can see and hear everything in real-time, even from your backyard.

Trouble Shooting
1. Is there a zoom feature? 
You can zoom 1.5x to 2x times.

2. Why is Wi-Fi not supported? 
A stable FHSS connection ensures real-time communication and monitoring of your baby, even if your home's Internet connection is down

3. Why is the battery not user replaceable? 
The 2900mAh battery is built-in is used to ensure a flatter, thinner, and more portable monitor.

4. How durable is the monitor's built-in kickstand? 
The kickstand is tested to withstand a minimum of 3000 operations.

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