eufy Security Dual Cam Solo Video Doorbell E340


eufy Security Video Doorbell E340, Dual Cameras with Delivery Guard, 2K Full HD and colour Night Vision, Wired or Battery Powered, Expandable Local Storage up to 128GB, No Monthly Fee

  • Dual Cameras, Double Security:Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on people, while the downward-facing camera fills in the gaps with a view of the floor in front of your door.
  • Colour Night Vision for a Clear View:Introducing the industry's first dual-light system paired with an advanced light capturing and processing algorithm. Less blur than previous iterations of night vision and a significantly increased clear night time viewing distance of up to 5m.
  • See What Matters in 2K Full HD Clarity:2K clarity reveals more details. Get clear and detailed visuals of your doorstep and anyone who drops by.
  • Battery or Wired, Your Choice:Choose battery mode for easy installation or choose wired mode to eliminate charging altogether. Comes with a quick-release battery pack, keep a spare for quick swaps and to avoid any downtime due to charging.
  • Black

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