Replacement Parts Kit for eufy X8 Pro Series Robot Vacuums


  • Keep your robot vaccum running at peak performance by replacing the kit every 2-3 months depending on your frequency of usage.
  • Compatible with RoboVac X8 Pro SES (T2276T11), RoboVac X8 Pro Standalone (T2266T11)
  • Snap into place for quick and effortless routine replacement.
  • The accessory kit includes Rolling Brush ×1 + Brush Guard ×1 + Side Brush ×2 + Washable Filter x4.
  • Brushes are made from high-strength materials that are easy to remove and easy to clean.

  • X8 Pro Robotic Vacuum
    X8 Pro Robotic Vacuum
  • Dust Bags
    Dust Bags
  • Replacement Parts Kit
    Replacement Parts Kit
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