RoboVac G40 Hybrid+


eufy Clean G40 Hybrid+, Includes 60Days Auto-Empty Station, Features 2500Pa, Planned Pathfinding, and App Control, Ultra-Slim with Triple Filtration and BoostIQ, Quiet 55 dB.

  • Keep Your Hands and Home Clean: Avoid dumping dirty dust bags with the auto-empty station that stores up to 60 days of debris.
  • Vacuum Up Crumbs: Keep floors clean with 2500Pa of strong suction to pick up food particles and dust.
  • 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop: Give your floors the deepest clean in one-go with the G40 Hybrid+: first with vacuuming, and then mopping away anything left over.
  • Plans Efficient Routes: G40 Hybrid+ uses logic to find the most efficient path to clean more of your home.
  • Ultra-Slim and Fits Under the Couch: Straining to pick up furniture for cleaning is over. G40 Hybrid+ slips under tight spaces to clean at only 2.85" high.
  • Black


Can I edit the map on eufy Clean G40 Hybrid+ via the eufy Clean app?
Can the eufy Clean G40 Hybrid+ mop out stubborn stains?
Does the RoboVac dock and empty itself?
Is the dust bag reusable?
How to ensure successfully docking.
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