Video Doorbell Dual

With dual cameras and dual motion detection, this camera catches it all — just not fast enough.



Innovations in video doorbells are coming hot and fast. Each new product touts a “better” way to keep an eye on that precious piece of property — your front porch. With everything from dog food to diapers, smartphones to sushi being dropped at our doorsteps, keeping an eye on that precious cargo is a top priority (seriously, if anyone messes with my sushi…).

With its newest battery-powered video doorbell, the Eufy Dual ($259.99 with a HomeBase 2 or $199.99 as an add-on to an existing Eufy camera system), Eufy has come up with one of the best solutions so far.

The Dual has two cameras, one to keep an eye on the floor — where packages often land, and one in the more traditional role up top. This fixes the problem most doorbells have: they either give you a tall, skinny view so you can see packages and people, but not much context outside that. Or, you get a wider view that offers more side-to-side context but misses out on much of the doorstep itself (and the package that’s sitting there). 

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